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Side & Garden Gates by FAB Direct

Here at FAB Direct, we have a range of Garden and Side Gates in different styles/ colours and shapes to suit your every need. Choose what you wish to achieve with your Gate to ensure you have the perfect access gates, whether that be a full privacy Aluminium Gate, modern designed Compostie or a Traditional long-lasting steel gate. All available in custom sizes, with bespoke options available for each design to ensure we meet your needs.

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Aluminium Gates

These elegant gates have got to be the sleekest look in town providing you with a smooth, satin finish !

Steel framed and a powder coated colour of your choice complete with aluminium infill to match.

These can be made to any size needed, there also decorative railings available to match.

Long lasting aluminium materials

Powder Coated to any colour of your choice, matching the visuals of your property

Added security to your home or business

Complete the look with matching railings or panels


Our composite gates are very popular with people who want a 'maintenance-free' option. These gates are not only beautiful to look at but are extremely durable and are very cost effective too. With steel support posts, frames and fixtures these gates are built to last and are a highly recommended option as an alternative to a wooden gate. The composite gate is available in various different finishes and the steel frames and supports can be finished to a RAL colour of your choice.

Modern appearance

Longer lasting than standard timber or wooden gates

Easy Maintenance with Composite Boards

Powder coated framework to match your homes exterior

Composite Gates


A custom Steel Gate will outlast almost any other type of entry gate you can think of. Just think about it. Which do you think would last longer when exposed to everyday use and the harsh outgate elements: a typical wood gate or a heavy duty steel gate? Custom gates outlast, giving you the best return on your investment. Just having steel entry gates can help to enhance your home's security, appeal and often it's value.

You may choose any custom design to enhance your home, or one from our extensive stylish list.

Classic Traditional look

Available as garden, side gate, or fixed return.

You can choose different thickness', style, decorative security effects to meet your needs.

Powder coated to a colour of your choice

Decorative elements  and paint effects available

Gates can be galvanised for a more durable finish.

Pet friendly solution.

Traditional Gate

Any RAL Colour

We can Powder Coat to any RAL colour

8m Long Ovens

Large Scale Projects easily coated with 8m ovens.

High Quality Finish

Powder Coating gives a longer lasting and durable finish to standard painting.


Quality Control

We take pride in every piece we work on, to give the best finish and service we can.



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